Welcome to Telset Online!

The company offers quality professional work, a fast response time and strives to meet deadlines. All this with the benefit of being able to access the large qualified Indian population of software developers thus offering substantial savings in terms of time and money.

Company Profile

Telset Online was formed in 1994, as a subsidiary of Exxite Limited, Bristol, England to fulfill the need for a highly motivated and financialy secure organisation to rely on for software products, with special emphasis on the telecommunications industry.

Telset Online has evolved to become the organisation of choice for leading companies across different industries.Client companies are continually looking to source from Telset Online for increased capacities and capabilities to meet their evergrowing needs. To meet their requirements, Telset Online has set up a network of workstations to manage and support 41 sites across the length and breadth of India. Telset Online has been growing radically through it's focus on providing value added solutions for the communications industry.

Telset Online would add features to existing products and continually design new products . We would undertake a wide range of tasks from on-site to off shore projects, using an array of complex software tools and products.

We would continue to maintain our leadership where we do so now......