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The Rating module analyses and assigns final prices to the calls or events made on the network. Professor Calcuset Rating offers the following:

High performance on a moderate UNIX server handling thousands of calls every second.

  • Versatile tariff structures, with full effective dating
  • Ability to rate both network and non network events (such as directory assistance)

Ability to handle multiple chargeable parties, for handling inter operator charging and value added services etc.

Call Analysis

Professor Calcuset Rating is able to analyse calls made on the network using

  • Duration of the call or data volume sent, with an initial and incremental rate apllied.
  • The event to which record relates, e.g. mobile originated, supplementary services etc.
  • The day/time at which the call was made; with resolution down to a single second in the day and single day in each year.
  • The distance covered by call, resolved by originating/terminating access numbers, cell IDs, circuit/trunk IDs.
  • The service used, e.g. home zone or friends and family.

Rating collects Call Details Records(CDRs) from the network element and analyses the call according to the above parameters. Once this has been analysed, a call tariff is apllied and a combination of the call duration and the tariff allow the call to be priced. All of the above examples can be catered for in Professor Calcuset Rating.