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PRcel is a new generation , real time solution set that will forever change your perception of wireless messaging, customer care, billing and administration systems. Developed specifically for the needs of the Paging and other telecommunication network operators and service providers, the PRcel solution provides:


Through a modular structure that gives you the power to configure a solution that meets your specific requirements.


To help you meet new marketing requirements, provide new tarrifs, implement new business procedures, and manage new network elements within hours, and without code changes.

High performance

Via the client/server architecture and distributed processing, with a scaleable architecture to efficiently handle increasing subscriber and message volumes. You can grow your system simply adding hardware nodes without expensive hardware upgrades.

Increased efficiency

For your customer service agents with system features such as bulk data manipulation, hot keys, profile screens, and operations that follow your specific business procedures. System operation is continuous and concurrent, with hardware-independent system management facilities.


Across multiple hardware platforms. PRcel is implemented using the industry-leading Oracle RDBMS, SQL and C programming language. Platform-independent, the solution allows you to maintain your existing hardware investment and to use your preferred hardware vendor. The Oracle relational database provides open data access and rapid reporting, while the solution's Interface Manager handles legacy systems, finance systems, and network elements.

Low risk

Because PRcel is a proven product with an established customer base, designed by Telset Online. PRcel can be rapidly deployed because it's configuration tools allow an iterative development cycle, rather then the more lengthy and costly waterfall process. Mistakes can be easily corrected, and system enhancements can be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

Every wireless operator's requirements are unique. That is why the PRcel solution has been developed with modular structure that gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the system components and functionality you need.

PRcel modules include:

Basic Paging

Caller calls up paging center on common number, gives the pager number, leaves his telephone number and/ or message. Page sent to subscriber with telephone number or message else subscriber calls Paging center to retrieve message.

Routine maintainence of customer information and special services and tasks to control database access is in-built. The system allows rapid message storage and retrieval in paging environment accomplished by having multiple operators simultaneously accessing a common database. The system caters to multiple paging solutions as well as multiple radio channels. The paging centers administrative computer can also be integrated so as to access and update both account and message information. Paging commands may also be issued, for eg. remind the customers when service fees are overdue.

The system is very flexible, with many different features available. The choice to enable or to disable is entirely upto the management of the center.Secretarial Services

  • Morning Call
  • Reminder Call
  • Group Call
  • Message Retrieval
  • Message Check
  • Directory Services for Subscribers
  • Subscriber Profile
  • Temporary Message
  • Roaming Services
  • Subscriber Absent Services
  • Call Forward
  • Test Page
  • Forms Operator Canned Message Keys
  • Message Archiving
  • Operator's Interface
  • Operator's Security
  • External Interfaces
  • Subscriber Priority
  • Note Table
  • Password
  • Variable Message Length
  • Definable Message Labels
  • Internal Buffering and Roll back
  • System Management
  • Statistics
  • Integrated Billing Interface

Customer Administration

Handles Customer Care processes such as registration, connection, disconnection, bill enquiry etc. Provides configurable business processes and user friendly interface that increases the productivity of customer service agents.


Generates subscriber bills and statements, calculates charges, taxes and discounts. Provides a flexible tariff definition and flexible bill format definition.


The system is capable of handling multiple switched databases including Glenayre, Motorola etc. Handles interface with all other systems, such as the network, legacy systems, and finance systems. Provides flexible interface definition and management.


Processes payments received from customers. The module can accomodate cash, cheques and payments made by bank transfer.

Credit Control

Manages collection plans, dunning, credit checking via agency interfaces. Provides flexible collection plan.

ACD Interface

PRcel comes with a ready interface to an Auto Call Distribution/EPABX. The current library of ACD interfaces include those for Siemens, Alcatel, Oki, Harris, and Definity.