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The company offers quality professional work, a fast response time and strives to meet deadlines. All this with the benefit of being able to access the large qualified Indian population of software developers thus offering substantial savings in terms of time and money.

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Telset Online is skilled to provide it's customers with new generation software technologies and a range of professional services for Sotware Designing, Development and Consultancy. Telset Online provides total IT solutions to it's clients which include:

  • IT strategy formulation
  • Facilities Management
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Business Application Software
  • Intranet Services
  • Training
  • Turnkey Management
  • Network Management

Undertaking a wide range of tasks from on-site client managed development work to running major projects managed in-house, the company has delivered an extensive variety of software commissions. With a single minded focus on precision, the company offers the benefits of Quality Professional Work and Customising Solutions.

Telset Online's team consists of software and telecommunications professionals with programming experience on RDBMSs such as Oracle, Informix, SQL server, and Sybase and includes tools like SQL forms, Menus, SQL Plus, Reportwriters, and Graphics.


Typically, Telset Online gets involved after the client has written at least the draft requirements specifications for the application. Professionals then take this through the analysis stage paying particular attention to the likely data and response time requirements and from this analysis, a detailed specification covering database design, modularity, client screen layout etc. is agreed with the client. Work then commences on programming the application and the finished product will include sample test data and full documentation.

Often, the work involves enhancing existing applications and packages and ensuring that they meet an individual client's need. This bespoking of standard packages has become a specialty of Telset Online and allows the mainstream development shop to continue work without disruption to their own schedules whilst Telset Online can perform the system tailoring modifications in parallel.

A particular reference site is Hutchison Max Telecom where a major bespoke project was undertaken by Telset Online. CEO, Sandip Das, wrote to us, ".... to place on record my appreciation for the effort your team have put in.....I wish you success in the future and shall be pleased to recommend your company and product to other companies and organizations".